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Nov 09 2022

Kolich to Lead Book Discussion

Sister Rosemary Kolich will lead a book discussion on Harbor by Lorraine Adams at 6 pm on Monday, November 14, at the Parsons Public Library. 

This is the concluding book in the three-part “Contemporary Immigration" book discussion series. Aziz, the Algerian protagonist of Adams’s novel, arrives in America as a stowaway aboard a tanker, swimming to shore in Boston harbor without money, English, or much of anything but the phone number of a shady cousin, Rafik.  But one illegality leads to another in the underground world of Arab immigrants Aziz enters.  Vignettes sketch the horrific violence of his homeland and the reasons for his flight.  And, in the context of a post-9/11 world, different forms of illegality shade into each other as Aziz finds himself caught in the web of an anti-terrorism investigation.  Adams’s first novel unveils the complex layers of meaning buried in the phrase “illegal immigration.”

Sister Kolich teaches English for the University of Saint Mary at both the main campus in Leavenworth and the Overland Park campus. Kolich joined the TALK program in 2008.

Copies of the book Harbor are available for checkout from the library.      

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Members of the community are invited to attend the free programs, which will take place at the library, 311 South 17th St.  To check out books and for more information about the reading series, contact the library at 620-421-5920.