I Love You Like No Otter / by Rossner, Rose
The Wild Lavender Bookshop by Thomas, Jodi
Murder In the Tea Leaves / by Childs, Laura
The Conditions of Unconditional Love / by McCall Smith, Alexander
Guns of the VIgilantes by Johnstone, William W
Otis & Peanut : by Hrab, Naseem
Meet Me On Mercer Street / by VIvat, Booki
Club Microbe / by Gravel, Elise
The Book That Almost Rhymed / by Abed, Omar
A Happier Life by Harvey, Kristy Woodson
The Cliffs by Sullivan, J. Courtney
Pizza Face / by Ogle, Rex
You'll Never Find Me / by Brennan, Allison
When the Sea Came Alive : by Graff, Garrett M
The Stranger In the Library / by Gates, Eva
Unforgiven / by Gray, Shelley Shepard
In the Hour of Crows / by Elmendorf, Dana
A Kids Book About Juneteenth / by Hayes, Garrison
A Kids Book About Periods / by Biel, Jessica
Only the Brave by Steel, Danielle
Untangle Your Emotions : by Allen, Jennie
The Rom-Commers / by Center, Katherine
Foraged & Grown : by Lanich-Labrie, Tara
The Deer and the Dragon / by Piper C. J
For the Love of Summer / by Mallery, Susan
Some Murders In Berlin / by Robards, Karen
The Paris Widow / by Belle, Kimberly
Shelterwood : by Wingate, Lisa
I Shouldn't Be Telling You This : by Devantez, Chelsea
Five Broken Blades / by Corland, Mai